API Swagger

The publicly supported surface of the Affelios Platform API is available as a Swagger Doc.

The API can be invoked interactively via the Swagger Doc page once authorized with a valid API token, which can be generated in the API Keys module, in the Settings menu of the Affelios Platform client.

Only API methods listed in the public Swagger documentation are supported by Affelios for external integration. Integrating with methods not in the documentation is not recommend, and these methods could break compatibility, or be entirely removed at a later date. If you require additional API surface please contact support with a detailed business case.

Auto Generating Clients

As the Affelios Platform API Swagger endpoint is Open API compliant, it is possible to programmatically generate client libraries for various languages and frameworks using open source or proprietary tooling.

The correct technique to use will dependent on the programming language you are using, and your specific use case, but this should expedite your integration with the platform, and likely lower the risk of manual error when integrating.

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